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Whats in a Mechanics Tool Set

Basic Essential Mechanics Tools

Picture of a Combination SpannerSpanners / Wrenches:  Ok so lets just start with the obvious and of course every Mechanic will most certainly need Spanners, the most popular are combination spanners, this means one end of the spanner is a ring and the other is open ended same as the pic.
Another type of spanner is a double open ended, meaning open end at both ends and you can also get complete ring spanners
, this meaning a ring on both ends.

Screwdrivers: An absolute must for any Mechanic is the trusty Screwdriver, we have all heard of the Phillips Screwdriver and the Flat Blade, nowadays you also have Pozi Drive and Torques Screwdrivers, you may also have the Cross Head, just another for the collection.

Sockets: Usually bought as a set on its own to make up a major part of any Mechanics Tool Set, these start with very small inexpensive sets up to sets holding hundreds of sockets and other pieces of kit. The basics of any socket set will be a Ratchet, Sockets, T Bar, Short and Long Extension and more often than not you will also have a couple of Spark Plug Sockets in there, ohh almost forgot to mention a Universal Joint.

Allen Keys: Although nowadays these are more than likely included in most Socket Sets you will still find a set of Allen Keys tucked away somewhere in a Mechanics Tool Set, if your unsure what these are then a simple explanation is they are a Hex drive L shaped tool, they can also come with a T Piece shaped handle or as a socket type driver.

Pliers & Side Cutters: Always a standard pair of Pliers and a pair of long nose Pliers, top this of with a good set of Side Cutting Pliers, I say good because as any mechanic would tell you we do expect these to cut through almost anything, ok i am joking a bit here but yes they do need to be pretty decent quality to do their job.

Hammers & Punches: If you don't have a Hammer then forget it,  this may sound a bit harsh but to be honest its not always just using a Spanner or Screwdriver, lots of things need a bit of persuasion to come apart and yes it is very normal to see a Mechanic wielding a Hammer.
Also if you have a Hammer then there should also be some Punches in here, used for driving out pins and again helping dismantle various things.

Odds & Sodds: Now depending on what you buy and how much you spend there can be all manner of other Tools added to a Tool Kit, possibly, Scissors, Electrical Pliers, Insulation Tape, Plastic Ties and the list goes on.

What's Next:  In my next post I will talk in more detail about some specific tools, probably starting with Spanners, i'm going to try my best to help you chose the Best Spanners for your Tool Set.
I hope you found my first post on this subject of some interest and I welcome any feedback

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